Public relations and advertising
Public relations and advertising

Public Relations and Advertising

Public Relations is about getting the right messages to your public, whoever and wherever they may be. Our team are specialists in PR and therefore we can work in most sectors with a key objective of getting results for our clients. Combined with our advertising skills in creating the best communication solutions, allied to purchasing space in many mediums at the best costs, we provide a total proposition for our clients. Whether through media relations, events planning, lobbying or connecting people, we will find the best way to help a client reach their objectives whether it is in B2C or B2B.

The right people

Many companies struggle to justify a full strength marketing department either because of costs or simply they cannot find the right people. We offer a service which overcomes these factors because we employ all of the marketing skills and services that you would need within your company to have a full marketing department, just like a blue-chip company, but at the cost of one employee. The skills and individuals that we employ include marketing consultants, graphic design, website development, video/ photography, PR/advertising specialists and event management. Any or all of these skills can be outsourced to us at a fixed monthly fee.

So why use us rather than employ?

Quite simply because we have the skills internally, we are more geared towards results rather than just design and delivery. We work on an ongoing and transparent relationship with our clients. As we are not dedicated in any one marketing discipline, we use what works rather than just what we want to sell you!