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Test your purchasing efficiencies

The marketplace today for purchasing is extremely competitive and market rates literally change from day to day. We help you increase your purchasing power and reduce costs due to our overall buying capabilities and significant volumes, which enables us to offer UK businesses extremely competitive prices from a wide range of suppliers. Secondly, and perhaps even more importantly while you are negotiating the terms of any product, print or advertising space, your own time will become even more valuable. By delegating this purchasing responsibility to us, you free your time and it will help you concentrate on driving your business and meeting the day to day workload.

All our suppliers must meet strict criteria for the safety, legality, quality and transportation of products supplied. Our customer team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible deal in service as well as price. We cover a broad range of products and services, including design, artwork, print, promotional goods and much more. If you have a need to source a specific product but did not know where to look or how much you should be paying, then let our purchasing experience and range of contacts help to source the product that is right for you (and we could make some substantial savings too).

Implementation, rebranding and design

A recent report “Implementation, rebranding and design” surveyed 250 marketing Directors across many diverse industries both charitable and commercial, with the findings recognising that the importance of reviewing your imagery, branding and marketing activities at this time is crucial.

  • 85% of business leaders believe that design will be imperative to generate opportunities moving forward
  • 56% believe that today even in a recession is the best time to strategically review and look to rebrand
  • 63% agree that launching a new look will generate additional benefits.